Safety and Security Lighting

From a safety perspective, too little light can provide an opportunity for a criminal to take advantage of a consumer

Safety and Security Lighting

Lighting Maintenance Service:  Financial Industry
TRG Lighting provides ATM and Night Depository Light Level readings for exterior lighting conformance. Based on state-mandated lighting codes (ANSI), it is crucial to perform annual readings to prove maintained luminance at your locations. If unsatisfactory results are found in testing, TRG will make the necessary repairs.  Also, we can design upgrades and discuss recommendations for necessary adjustments to the existing lighting system to achieve optimal performance.

Parking Lot Lighting Design & Installation
TRG Lighting specializes in the design and installation of new and existing parking lot lighting.

Daylight Interior Lighting Maintenance
Group relamping, regularly scheduled inspections, cleaning, and recycling by a trained and competent lighting maintenance company can save you time and money, as well as allow you to budget a fixed amount of expense maximizing the efficiency of your lighting system.

The most expensive portion of the cost related to a lighting system is the electric consumption. The second most significant contributor is the labor to install the lamp while the smallest part is the actual cost of the lamp. If your maintenance department is changing one lamp or fixture at a time, at an hourly or salary rate, it would be far more economical to implement a cost-saving group relamp, or regularly scheduled Interior DayLight Lighting Maintenance Program.

Customized DayLight Maintenance Programs are designed to meet your needs and your budgeted dollars. TRG Lighting can control and reduce your lighting maintenance costs and enable your Maintenance Department to focus on other non-lighting issues.

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