If you’re looking for professional service for your facility, we can help with our monthly facility check and report.

Monthly night light checks of your facility to include:

  • Notation and reporting of lights that are not functioning
    Footcandle readings in critical areas
  • Replace any burned out bulbs and report fixture issues (electrical/ballast) for future repair
  • Report of any security related issues
  • Generation of a report showing the footprint of your facility and all exterior lights, the status of each fixture and light meter readings
  • Our Report is designed to identify any vulnerable areas as well as protect their business in the event of a legal matter arising due to theft or personal injury

Contact us today for a free review and action plan of how our monthly service can benefit your facility ensuring both compliance and peace of mind.

    Monthly Field Report - Financial Facility

    View our Example Report

    We analyze and measure all aspects of your lighting output during our routine maintenance visits