Scheduled Lighting Maintenance

TRG Lighting will make the necessary repairs. In addition, we can design upgrades and discuss recommendations for necessary adjustments

Scheduled Lighting Maintenance: Our Service and Monthly Reporting Lets You Rest Easy

Greenville SC Outdoor Lighting Services

Exterior Lighting In and Around Greenville, Columbia & Myrtle Beach SC

If you’re looking for professional service for your facility, we can help with our monthly facility check and report.

Monthly night light checks of your facility to include:

  • Notation and reporting of lights that are not functioning
  • Footcandle readings in critical areas
  • Replace any burned-out bulbs and report fixture issues (electrical/ballast) for future repair
  • Report of any security-related issues
  • Generation of a report showing the footprint of your facility and all exterior lights, the status of each fixture, and light meter readings
  • Our Report is designed to identify any vulnerable areas as well as protect their business in the event of a legal matter arising due to theft or personal injury

Outdoor Lighting Service and Maintenance For Facilities in Greenville, Myrtle Beach and Columbia SC

Our monthly scheduled lighting maintenance service takes good care of your outdoor lighting installations. We offer outdoor lighting services for facilities in Greenville, Myrtle Beach, and Columbia SC. We have a team of extremely professional outdoor lighting experts who know how to deal with any type of lighting design, light fixtures, and lighting installations. Our monthly regular maintenance checks of outdoor lights cover landscape lighting, parking lot lighting, sign lighting, and much more. We perform a detailed inspection of the entire system to check for any possible problems and provide necessary solutions.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional outdoor lighting maintenance service in and around Greenville SC, we can help. Make sure your business is safe, energy-efficient, and illuminated with our professional monthly outdoor lighting maintenance service. Our team of experts and excellent service can take care of all existing lights, from inspections to repairs and replacements. Keep your business well-lit and worry-free with our monthly service!

Contact us today for a free review and action plan of how our monthly service can benefit your facility ensuring both compliance and peace of mind.

    Monthly Field Report - Financial Facility

    View our Example Report

    We analyze and measure all aspects of your lighting output during our routine maintenance visits.