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Follow these simple tips to not only improve your company’s security but also start saving electricity.

Did you know that in certain sectors of activity the percentage of energy dedicated to lighting can represent 50% of the total cost of the bill? That’s why Rayley Lighting offers numerous tips for small, medium-sized and large businesses to take advantage of the great potential for energy and economic savings available in the field of lighting.


1) Establish independent lighting circuits the installation according to its uses and different day times.

2) Place presence detectors in less frequented places, such as corridors, services or warehouses. With this, you will achieve energy savings between 30% and 40%.

3) Install schedules programmers that allow turning lights on or off at a certain time.

4) Keep the lamps and luminaires clean and in perfect condition, in order to achieve the most optimal performance.

5) Browse our website and find specific advice based on the area of activity to which your company belongs: small businesses, offices, hospitals, health centers, educational centers or hotels and restaurants.


It’s important to contact an expert consultant to choose the lighting that best suits the consumption characteristics of each company. Following the tips above and implementing simple control measures in the use of light, a business can save up to 20% on their bills.


Tips to Improve Your Company's Lighting


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